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  • Proof-of-value pilot unit at Helsinki Airport

  • Unique per-bag-priced service concept developed together with service and GHA-experts

  • Patents awarded on key markets

  • Target to integrate proof-of-value-pilot showcase to customer's process at airports




  • Proof-of-value factory pilot results approved by several industry professionals

  • Patent portfolio strengthened

  • Target to integrate proof-of-value-pilot showcases to customer’s process at airports




  • Proprietary process optimization software for increased airport bag flow capacity (OptiSmart®)

  • Second generation heuristics based multi-strategy packing software to increase packing efficiency and quality (MaxSmart®)

  • Increasing marketing & sales efforts: Direct and OEM Partners Sales

  • Fully operational proof-of-value factory pilot in cooperation with Industrial Partner Raute Corporation

  • Increased share capital with H.G. Paloheimo Ltd. and Walpe Ltd.

  • Continued Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation ‒ Tekes support


  • Working prototype finalized

  • Global patents pending

  • Active sales & partner network development

  • Invested capital increased by Industrial Partner Raute Corporation and Ahkera Finance Ltd.

  • Ahkera’s first generation bag-wise packing software


  • Industrial Partner acquired: Finnish listed company Raute Corporation

  • Ahkera packing volumetrics and software concepts

  • Prototype design & build with industrial partner and funding from Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation ‒ Tekes

  • Specification of customer process requirements (various European airports, and airport service providers)

  • Airport Cluster Finland membership


  • Technical feasibility study (with Rdnet)

  • Development of packing concept and algorithms for solving packing problem, and first tests on core technology

  • Customer and competitor survey and strategy plan completed

  • Dr (Tech) Tuominen was invited as a partner and CTO


  • Robotic concept study and market study in USA (Trimaster and Evaluserve with Technopolis Ventures)

  • Ahkera was founded in December 2008 by Mr. H. Ruoslahti and Mr. A. Juosila

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