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Business idea

Company vision

Ahkera will provide its customers added automation to streamline their baggage handling processes.

  • The number of airline passengers have increased and with them the amount of bags handled. Currently ground handling agents pack these bags into airplane containers (ULD) and trolleys with manual processes requiring large labor forces and large process footprints.

  • Baggage handling work is labor intensive and physically very demanding. Work related injuries terminate many careers short and cost a lot of money to the ground handlers. Investment in one Ahkera unit can save insurance costs and bring added safety and operational benefits, while fitting in a smaller space.

  • The Ahkera solution is unique in that it can be easily integrated in the already existing  infrastructure, making the needed customer investment substantially low.

  • The Ahkera solution brings added work safety, savings in manpower and operational costs to the ground handler. Airports can save valuable floor space as the Ahkera solution will require much less baggage hall space than the existing manual packing process.

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