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Competitive Advantages

Flexible integration & process understanding

  • The Ahkera solution can be easily and cost efficiently integrated in to existing airport infrastructure -> no extra infrastructure investments are needed.

  • Flexible integration minimizes down time while the system is being installed, hence creating substantial savings.

  • By understanding customers processes Ahkera can provide solutions that improve existing baggage handling processes.

Patented solutions

The company has two international patents pending for its unique technological innovations regarding efficiency and development of baggage handling processes.

Due to these solutions Ahkera can achieve proven results.

More efficiency & need for less space

  • According to the management's analysis Ahkera's solution can handle reliably more volume while using less space than any other current existing process solution.

  • The key attributes that potential customers are looking for are efficiency, reliability and minimized required space, which give Ahkera a clear competitive advantage on the current market.

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